Labour brand continuing to attract new voters

Posted by Alan Kelly on May 18, 2009 at 08:28 AM

Alan Kelly and The Claw (E) -1
Alan Kelly and The Claw (E) -1

Just to say thanks to Peter Clohessy for his words of support for the campaign. It is an honour to have the backing of someone of his calibre and to be promised a vote from it as a Munster fan.


Without knowing Peter’s political views previously, it is an example of the type of new vote Labour is attracting. The response on the street is magnificent and more people have opened up their mind to voting Labour. When you stop people on the street you and ask the question ‘would you consider voting Labour?’ the majority of people are stopping to think. The challenge is now to turn that good will into votes, which I believe is possible.


The weekend poll was positive, putting us in third place for the seat. However we will be taking nothing for granted. It is an all out battle for the next two and a half weeks to secure that seat and we must leave no stone unturned.


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