Elected President of the Dell Workers Association

Posted by Alan Kelly on December 11, 2009 at 08:13 PM


On Friday last I was elected Honorary President of the Dell Workers Committee following my involvement in securing €22.8m for the Dell Workers who lost their jobs as a result of the closure of Limerick based company early this year. I've also helped the Workers in a number of actions in the Labour Court to generate better redundancy payments. I stand fully beside the workers in all their aims and thats why I have attended every public meeting they've had and put my office at their disposal.

The settlement from the EU Globalisation Fund was recently passed by the European Parliament but I have concerns, “This settlement is a huge boost to these workers and the Limerick region which has been hard hit by the closure of the Dell plant. However, a government strategy is now needed to deliver these funds in a timely manner. If the money is not spent in 18 months it will be returned to Brussels. Proper implementation of this money is key.”

A working group has been set up as a result to ensure that this money is used to maximum effect. “I am determined that this money will be spent for the benefit of the workers and not swallowed up in administration. The funding will be used to give Dell Workers opportunities to develop their own businesses or go back to further education. I am recommending that local colleges in Limerick, Tipperary and Kerry should facilitate this retraining along with Enterprise Ireland, FÁS and other agencies.”

Jim McGrath, MEP Kelly’s European Liaison Officer was also appointed director of this working group. He said, “Funding is expected to arrive in early 2010 and I will be working closely with the workers to develop a timeline for the delivery of the funds. A clear communications strategy to include the workers will also be put in place.”

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