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Paddy Downey Convention Cashel

Posted on March 30, 2009 by Alan Kelly

Paddy Downey Convention
Paddy Downey Convention

Tonight I attended the Labour party's Cashel convention that selected Cllr. Paddy Downey as our candidate. Paddy is a fine candidate and a great local community activist across a broad range of activities.

The convention, which had approximately 100 people in attendance was chaired by my colleague Sean Sherlock TD. Senator Phil Prendergast, Cllr Darren Ryan and Cllr Maureen O'Donoghue also spoke at the convention. Many people spoke of their admiration for Maureen as she is standing down from Cashel Town Council after many years of service for the Labour party.

Its very important that we win back our seat in this area and I'm 100% behind Paddy and I look forward canvassing with him over the coming months.

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Cork City - Campaigning Again

Posted on March 09, 2009 by Alan Kelly

Canvassing in Douglas
Canvassing in Douglas

I am spending a serious amount of time in Cork city and its paying off. The Cllrs and Ciaran and Kathleen Lynch are being really supportive to my campaign and there is a great sense of purpose in everything we are doing. Ciaran as my Director of Elections is obviously taking a great interest in getting the Cork organisation working for me and getting our voters out.

Cork is essential for me and I believe I can get a good vote here. I'm constantly meeting more and more people that I know, have worked with or went to college with. Its great to have sucha good knowledge of the city and the people - most of all I ireally enjoy canvassing in Cork.

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