All Primary Schools Will Benefit from School Book Rental Scheme Fund

Posted by Alan Kelly on April 17, 2014 at 12:54 PM

I am delighted with the news that that all primary schools who currently operate a school book rental scheme will be able to benefit from the €15 million School Book Rental Scheme Fund.  When this fund was first announced it was targeted at the schools that didn't have a book rental scheme in place.  This caused concern among the  schools that had a scheme in place.  A number of schools in Tippe...rary contacted me, so this will be very welcome news for them. I have  spoken to Minister Quinn in relation to this issue on a number of  occasions. This will provide an extra boost to these schools which should allow them to expand or replace some books on their own schemes.
531 schools who previously indicated that they did not have book loan schemes were invited to apply for the funding.  Of these, three quarters of these schools have now applied. I am delighted that twenty two schools in Tipperary have been allocated a total of €211,111 to support the setting up of their book rental schemes. Minister Quinn has now decided that the balance of the fund, some €8.3 million, will be divided among all other primary schools that currently operate book rental schemes, in 2015 and 2016.  These schools are expected to receive a total of €18 per pupil or €20 in  DEIS schools over those two years.  This is on top of the annual book  grant of €15 million which is paid to all schools on a per pupil basis. This forms part of the Minister's wider agenda to tackle the  high costs of going to school for parents.
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