My Priorities for Deputy Leader

Posted by Alan Kelly on June 09, 2014 at 03:38 PM


- To shape the Irish economy and public services in a way that is true to Labour values.

- To give hard-pressed families a break from the financial stresses by easing their burden.

- To secure a sustainable living wage for all workers, in both the private and public sectors, as this will help revitalise the economy.

- To promote fairer redistribution of wealth by legislating for collective bargaining rights for workers.

- To lead the marriage equality referendum in 2015.

- To provide for fair access to education regardless of income.

- To revitalise the rural economy; creating a ministerial function to coordinate Government actions on rural economic development.

- To aggressively pursue our party’s goal of ending long-term homelessness.

- To fight for greater gender equality across Irish society. Gender equality is an issue for all of us to champion.

- To work with our centre – left partners in Europe to fight against the rise of the extreme right and those who promote anti – trade union ideologies.

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