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Posted by Alan Kelly on January 11, 2010 at 09:59 PM

With HKPB Scientfic
With HKPB Scientfic

With the economy in the state it is thanks to failed Government policies and their mishandling of the public finances allayed with a world economic downturn, I believe it is time that we went back to basics from a business perspective. We need to adopt first principles again and become competitive. Thts why we need to trust our own instincts, trust our own people and their new ideas for enterprises, develop our education system and provide the infrastructure to allow our economy to be competitive.

Last year I ran two conferences entitled 'New Ideas' and they were quite successful in identifying the range of issues start up businesses faced when trying to develop. This was especially the case for export led small businesses, who I believe are the future for our economy.

I am concerned that we have one of the oldest age profiles for entrepreneurs in the EU. I am concerned that we have such a low level of 'patent' registrations in the EU. I am concerned about the economic throughput that we are getting from the many PHDs that we are generating through our education sysem.

We have to improve in all theses areas and I am determined to help these businesses.

I have been so encouraged by what I have seen in my travels in recent times. There are many great people and companies with fantastic ideas that need help and encouragement. Two that I have been working with recently are Arra Communications, a Tipperary all in one IT solutions company and HKPB Scientific, a UL spin off that specialises in developing coating solutions s for a wide range of products.

Launching Arra Communications with Tom Gleeson

(With Tom Gleeson of Arra Communications)

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